Michelle Viscusi 2018 Schedule

Shot Show – January 21-27

Austria – January 31st- Feb 4th

Florida Open – February 15th

Steel Challenge (GA) – March 28- 31

Grunt Fest 7 (TX) – April 7th

Mulligan Nationals (Vegas) – April 21-22

NRA – May 3rd-7th

Area 1 (Montana) – May 15-18

Austria – June 21st- 10

Area 7 (NH)  – June 21-23

Area 5 (michigan) – August 3rd- 5th

Area 3 (Nebraska) – August 10th- 13th

Area 8 (PA) – august 24th- 26th

Thailand ??? September 17-22

Nationals (FL) – October 20th-28


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  1. Look into Pandemic Zombies in the heartland in Nebraska. Big 3 gun event at the end of May with some top names. Would love to see you there

    • It will be in San Antonio. You can find more information on Facebook under grunt fest 7

    • Actually yes, but for whatever reasons i don’t have it on my calendar. Most likely just don’t know which days I’m shooting.

  2. What will be happening at the NRA in early May this year? Something very special for all members of the NRA?

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