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Bullet: 124GR FMJ
Velocity: 1060 FPS ±
OAL: 1.145”
Grade: Select
AA Part # 9124F
The 124 FMJ gives the shooter a option to find the happy medium between the 115 and the 147. This ammunition averages 1060 FPS± and is test fired through of a Glock 17 at a 131 power factor. Minor Power Factor- 125 USE/SPORT: IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, and Training

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in
Ammo Amount

Box (50 Rounds), Case (1000 Rounds)

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  1. I bought a case of these 124 gr fmjs and finally got to shoot some of them today. This ammo worked awesome. I usually stuck to shooting Federal, American Eagle, Asym on occasion PMC. Usually reserved the Asym for matches. Reason being like most I ran into issues with the lower priced ammos like Tulamo, PPU and other that would have feed issues, primer issues where it took the second striker hit for it to fire or just didnt fire at all. And then there was the inconsistentcy in the ammo where some were hotter then other and some where very under powered. I shot 200 rounds of it threw my Glock 17L and then mixed some with some American Eagle 124 gr that I had and shot 60 rounds mixed threw my Glock 19 and I could not tell the difference between the $18 a box American Eagle 124 gr and the $13.90 Atlanta Arms ammo. Both fed smoothly and ejected smoothly. The amount of power in each round was consistent. Had 0 fail to fires. 0 that took multiple stricker hit to make it fire. Its just awesome stuff and the price is hard to beat. I will be buying more of this particular round as well as trying the both 115 gr 9mm and the 40 cal rounds as well.

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